April M Chaney*
Celebrity Esthetician | Makeup Artist

Roxxi Dott*
Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist

Christine Nguyen
Licensed Cosmetologist | Celebrity Makeup Artist | O.C. & L.A.

Prell Charusanti*
Celebrity Makeup Artist & HairStylist

Britney Daley
Esthetician | Makeup Artist | Sugaring Specialist

Tommy Cyr*
Cosmetologist | Celebrity HairStylist

Chelsea Jolton*
Esthetician & Celebrity Makeup Artist | Spray Tan specialist

Lisa G. Simons
Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist | O.C. & L.A.

Rachel Olson*
Celebrity Makeup Artist | HairStylist

Lauren Guzman
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Marina Proctor*
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Dontay Savoy*
Celebrity HairStylist

Kristin Merkling
Celebrity HairStylist

Evilin Gharbigi
Celebrity HairStylist

Sara Hall*
Makeup Artist | Groomer

Maureen Callahan
Freelance Makeup Artist

Sabrina Wilson*
Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist

Steve Berg
Cosmetologist Celebrity HairStylist | Men’s Grooming

Vicky Chan*
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Levi Vieira*
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Laura Peyer*
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Hasmik Hakobyan
Lash Extension Specialist

Ucheya Moultrie
Licensed Cosmetologist HairStylist & Braider

Andreina Rios
Esthetician | Lash Extension Specialist

Stephanie Paugh
Celebrity HairStylist

Elena Adorno Cole
Licensed Cosmetologist | Celebrity HairStylist

Meredith Cross*
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Nancie Rooney*
Celebrity Barber | Makeup Artist

Allison Bryan
Celebrity Makeup Artist

Tim Pappas
Esthetician | Waxing Specialist

Victoria Jackson*
Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist

Mona Williamson
Esthetician | Skin Care specialist

Bayardo Ortiz
Celebrity Makeup Artist | Eyelash Extensions Expert

Alexandra Lopez
Esthetician | Makeup Artist

Kia Charles
Office Manager | Marketing Manager

Payton Barclay
Beauty Receptionist

Diane Mitchell
Office Manager of Effleurage

Summer Ammarell
Sales & Branding Manager

Jenny Lopez Mier
Accounting Manager

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